Tibetan Bon Heart Mantras






These beautiful Tibetan mantras help you to meditate, heal negative emotions and open your heart. They are from the Tibetan Bon spiritual tradition and are said to be the energy and sound codes of the essence of enlightenment. They work to transform awareness in specific ways and are used as purification and protection. Everyone can benefit from these beautiful chants and they will help deepen any other spiritual work you are doing.

Class 1

June 13th - 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Guru Yoga


Contemplation Mantra

This class gives an overview of where the mantras come from, how they are used and how they can benefit. The mantras participants will learn are the Guru Yoga and Dedication chants which are used to open and close mantra practice as well as the Contemplation mantra. Guru Yoga connects us to the Universal Energy and the Dedication dedicates all the good karma or merit from our practice to all sentient beings. The Contemplation mantra helps you to connect with the true nature of your mind. It helps you to go quickly into meditation beyond all the chatter that our minds are full of each day. If you find it difficult to meditate, this mantra will help.

Class 2

June 15th - 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Healing Mantra

Love & Compassion Mantra

In this class we will learn the Healing mantra and the Love & Compassion mantra. The Healing mantra helps you to clear your mind when you have too much going on or are upset. It works to heal at the source of where the disturbing thoughts are coming from. The Love & Compassion mantra helps us to create more love & compassion by purifying the 5 poisons of ignorance, anger, jealousy, pride & attachment. It helps to create serenity within the mind.


Cost: $80 for 2 class series

You do not have to take both classes but Class 1 is a prerequisite for Class 2

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