Revealing The Light Body

......a spiritual approach to “weight” loss




Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!

Most weight loss programs address the issue from the outside in. Trying to change the body by diet, exercise, and sheer will power alone. While these ARE the cornerstones of weight loss, addressing them from the inside out can provide a more long lasting strategy. We know we need to eat better, eat less, & exercise but sometimes you can't make this happen by will power alone. Maybe you are too busy. Maybe you have health challenges where you don’t feel well or just don’t have the energy to do much. Maybe you are depressed so the overwhelming thought of one more thing to do each day is simply just too much. 

This is where this program is different. This program was developed after helping hundreds of people change their energy and the way they think. This focuses on getting you to FEEL better first then work with your subconscious to help you develop your own personal blueprint for healing (as weight loss IS healing). And … guess what? It can be fun! Yes fun! Imagine that? You see that's why most weight loss programs fail. There is no fun in them.

These are some of the processes you will go through in this series.

2 Soul Healing Circles
Using a form of ancient healing and creative visualization old energetic blueprints will be released, unblocking the energy channels in your body which will get your life force flowing better so you FEEL better! Better emotionally, mentally and physically.

Class 1 - Chakra Balancing & Healing

You will learn about the chakras and a unique form of chakra balancing that includes specific music composed by Tania for each chakra and an optional gemstone layout on the body. You will be taught how to clear the chakras of old blockages and stagnant energy and then how to bring in new energy to revitalize the chakras.

Class 2 – Life Map Healing

Based on Tania’s Life Map Healing system you will complete a questionnaire which helps her to determine your personal challenges and potential obstacles. All this information will be kept strictly confidential but it is crucial to understand how your unique life experiences have shaped your journey up until now. Then in this class you will be shown how to clear these and leave with tools to reinforce the work done together.

Class 3 - Creative Visualization Reinforcement Session
This session refines and reinforces all work up until now.

Class 4 - Revealing The Light Body

In the final class we will review everything to this point and then do one last meditation session which will "Reveal The Light Body". This will get you in touch with the inner vision you now have for yourself and how that translates to every part of your life. You will leave this final class with a clear image of what you are working towards and be in touch with your own inner guidance on how to achieve this. Then you will be ready to complete your unique personal blueprint for your continued healing journey. Leading you to the future you are consciously creating.

Included in the course are

* 2 Soul Healing Circles

* 1 Chakra Balancing & Healing Class
* 1 Life Map Healing Class
* 1 Creative Visualization Reinforcement Class

* 1 Revealing The Light Body Class

* 1 Gemstone Layout

* 2 Recorded Meditations
* 1 Gemstone Mala
* 2 Powerful Affirmations

* 1 Energetically Charged Bottle Of Water 

* Printed support material

This is a program that Tania also offers privately 1 on 1 which would cost over $875. You are getting the same benefit in a very small class setting for $250 and will leave the 4 week class with tools you can use daily to continue down the pathway we started together. The classes are a series and all must be taken together.

Please note: These classes focus on the spiritual and energetic components of weight loss and no recommendations will be given regarding diet or exercise. Please consult a nutritionist or medical professional for these.

2017 Program Starting Soon!

Wed Jan 4 - Soul Healing Circle  7pm - 8pm

Thurs Jan 5 - Chakra Balancing & Healing  7pm - 9pm

Thurs Jan 12 - Life Map Healing  7pm - 9pm

Tues Jan 17 - Soul Healing Circle  7pm - 9pm

Thurs Jan 19 - Creative Visualization Reinforcement  7pm - 9pm
Thurs Jan 26 - Revealing The Light Body  7pm - 9pm

Price - $250 for all 6 classes!

Please call Cosmic Connections at 615.463.7677 or email to reserve your place and make payment.