Lovewaves Energy Clinic





Are you ready for a cosmic upgrade?   An Aha! moment?

More self awareness or greater intuition?

Would you like to release stagnant energies that are blocking you from opening up to infinite possibilities on your spiritual path and sometimes even cause physical pain?

Bring an intention, question or theme that is present in your life and Tania will

use intention, energetic blessing and affirmations to help bring balance, transform & heal. Harmony, Joy and Bliss are your birthright and as we grow spiritually we experience more of these beautiful feelings on a regular basis.

If you have a favorite crystal you work with and want to bring it, please do and Tania will energize it for you. 20min Intuitive Readings are also available and more than one session may be booked together for longer sessions


Next Lovewaves Energy Clinic

Saturday October 29th, 11am-6pm

Cost: 20mins / $40

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Saturday October 29th, 11am-6pm

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