tania smith - crystal gypsy


Whether performing on stage, writing a song, designing a necklace or working with clients to help them find healing and balance Tania says it’s all about energy.

From the large stages of the music business to her quiet small healing room Tania has had an incredible journey, which is why she is known as the “Crystal Gypsy”.

Born in Australia and based in Nashville, she has traveled the world on tour playing music and seeking  exotic locations to immerse herself in the mysteries of life, culture & healing. Throughout these adventures she looks for rare treasures to bring you the hidden power of gemstones through Crystal Gypsy Designs® and has studied ancient indigenous healing practices from Tibet, Peru & India as well as Hypnotherapy and Intuitive processes to assist you in creating the joy, good health and peace which is your birthright.


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Tuesday, February 20th

Healing Circle  7pm - 8pm

Cosmic Connections

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February 16-18

Tse Dup Yang Bod Retreat  - New Group

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February 23-25

Tse Dup Yang Bod Retreat (Group 3)

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