Tse Dup Yang Bod

Ancient Tibetan Soul Healing


Tse means life force   Dup means to intensify

Yang  means the highest essence of the soul energy

Bod  means to retrieve through dedicated practice.

Would you like to become a powerful energy healer?

Tse Dup Yang Bod is a comprehensive Tibetan healing system & spiritual practice from a 7th century Tibetan Bon text written by Lama Tsewang Rigzin. It was given to him in meditation by the Tibetan Dakini Thuk Je Kundrol .It is a practice for balancing the soul, life force and life which can be performed for oneself as a daily practice and for the healing benefit of others.


For us to be healthy and happy we must have a balanced energy system. Due to disease, trauma or stress our energies become blocked resulting in soul loss and a decreased life force. Signs of soul loss are increasing obstacles in every aspect of our life including depression or long standing illness.

This form of healing helps us to connect to the 5 powerful elemental energies that are the very fabric of our existence. The universal energy that runs through everything including our bodies. Understanding this intricate dance of earth, wind, fire, water and space, helps us to balance the energies of mind, body and spirit for healing, spiritual growth and awareness.

In this 3 year program you will learn to build 5 unique energies and channel them through your palms for the healing of 5 major organs and systems in the body, each strengthening a unique spiritual and emotional wisdom. You will also learn divinations to understand how the healing is being received, space clearings and house blessings as well as powerful mantras which help strengthen all aspects of life.

This complete energetic program prepares the healer to assist in every way including practices to assist the dying. Participants who complete the whole training will be certified as Tibetan Soul Healers and will be able to perform healing sessions on behalf of others in accordance with the Tibetan Bon tradition.

If you are interested please join us Feb 16 - 18 for the first weekend where you will be given the main meditation and healing mantra.

Tse Dup Yang Bod - Certified Healer Program

This is a 3 year program. All attendees who complete the 3 year program with all practice requirements will be certified as a Drup Shen Pa or Drup Shen Ma and will be able to perform healing sessions for others. The first 3 Year Program with Tania started in July 2013 and the 4th group will begin in February this year. Each 3 day weekend class starts at 6pm on Friday evening and finishes on Sunday evening at 7pm.  Scroll down for detailed program info taught in each year.

New Program Starting 2018

February 16 - 18

April 20 - 22

July 20 - 22

October 19 - 21

There are 2 ways to complete payment for Year 1

$1200 for all 4 weekends of Year 1.

If paid for by Jan 16th it is discounted by 10% to $1080


Pay As You Go

$300 per weekend - All payments must be completed at least 1 week before each class.

If paying by cash or check please pay at Cosmic Connections. If paying by Paypal please make payment below.

Payment Options


2019 Australian Dates to be announced soon!


(Students will meet 4 times a year for 3 day weekend workshops)

Learn about the ancient Bon spiritual tradition where this healing practice comes from.

Learn how to use the Long Life mantra to build healing energy in order to balance ones soul energy and heal others. Learn how to bring more light into the body for healing and balance.

Learn about the Bon understanding of the soul &  life force and how it moves through the body. Learn to recognize how and why soul loss and life force loss happens and how to strengthen and heal the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

Learn about the 5 directions, 5 elements, inner poisons (emotions) and wisdoms including how they relate to 5 major organs  and chakras in the body.

Learn soul and life force retrieval practices using the Turquoise, Dadhar, and Melong.

Learn ancient Tibetan yoga practices that open the energy channels in the body based on the Tibetan 5 chakra system.

Learn 4 of the main Bon mantras and their meanings that make up part of the Preliminary Practices which help to build the soul energy through purification.


(Students will meet 4 times a year for 3 day weekend workshops)

Deepen our connection and work with the Yang energy which is the highest quality of the energies.

Learn to generate the essence of each elemental energy in the palms for hands on healing sessions.

Learn traditional Bon divination techniques and to understand whether the soul healing has been successful or whether more healing work is needed.

Learn the remaining Preliminary Practice Mantras.


(Students will meet 4 times a year for 3 day weekend workshops)

Learn to read and assess soul dynamism

Integrate and understand on a deep level how the Tse Dup practice returns the soul energy into the life force, returns the life force to the life and  the life into the Ni syllable.

Receive the full transmission and empowerment of Tse Dup Yang Bod in order to be able to perform healing for others as a Certified Drup Shen Ma or Drup Shen Pa.

This teaching is vital for anyone wishing to learn about one of the worlds oldest spiritual healing practices that are still relevant today and have been passed down from an unbroken lineage. Anyone from total beginner to advanced energy healers will benefit. Tania Smith is a Lopon of Tse Dup Yang Bod and is one of the first teachers in the US certified by Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche after a 5 year training intensive with him.

“To study this teaching is to study the heart of compassion”

                                                                                            Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche

Reference Links For More Info

Engaging The Life Force - Lumo Woekar & Menghak Rinchen

Ancient Healing For A Modern World - Vicki Jenkins Ph.D.


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